Brute Force – Episode 49 – Management Changes

Ezra, on his own in a golem-sized divot somewhere in Ferrith, spots the boat formerly known as the Poop’s Pride sailing majestically overhead. Can he get Yanov’s attention somehow in order to catch back up to the rest of the Brute Force? Or will the nearby forest only provide him the bearest of necessities?

ADULT CONTENT WARNING: This episode features a Goodfellas level of F-bombs.

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Brute Force features Adam Bash as the storyteller, Carly Shields as Lola the Harpy, John Caulfield as Mort McCoy the Skeleton, and Patrick Rankin as Ezra the Golem. This episode also features Michaela Ray as Goldie. We play the Fate Core game system set in the mystical lands of Eorith.

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